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300 Anunnaki space travelers are lost – stuck on a space vessel for millennia, they are unable to find the forgotten path to their home planet Nibiru. Their brethren from Irkalla – the Great Below have turned into stone and covered in the sands of oblivion.

A young boy makes a wooden guitar. His music – brutally honest – turns out to be the only power that can awaken the stone hearts of the forgotten deities of Sumeria.

Gifted with the Mes – the decrees of the gods of Sumeria by mighty Enki, young Ashmedi is yet unaware of the role he shall have to play in the eternal struggle between the deities of Nibiru and Irkalla. Everything he holds dear shall be stripped away. Every note he plays shall pull him deeper into the endless corridors of Irkalla from where there is no return.


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You know, when people record something – audio, and then you hear your own voice and at first it feels like it is not you. But everyone else listens to it and says 'Yes, that sounds exactly like you.' That's kind of the same as seeing yourself as a drawing - a bit surreal. But to be drawn in a fictional graphic novel – in a different setting – the fantastical, mythological and mystical world of Sumerians, and the whole mythology that you hear in Melechesh songs, to be in it - it's quite fun! First time I saw it, I said 'This is really impressive!'

If as a kid, I knew I would be the protagonist of a graphic novel, I would think thats cool and tell all my friends about it!



About Metal Depot

METAL DEPOT creates interactive digital graphic novels featuring metal bands from all over the world. The comic books are created in collaboration with real bands, based on their true stories and history. After conducting an initial interview with the band, we add some epic fantasy and mythology to the storyline, as well as use inspiration from their lyrics and real-life events from the band’s history. The bands, as well as record labels, become our close partners and collaborate during the creation and distribution of the graphic novels. Combining the story with new tech we present a digital comic book of the metal bands to their metalhead fans and not only.

Before entering the production stage with our first graphic novel, we have received proof of our concept, winning the Armenia Startup Cup Challenge in 2015. A year later, we became one of the winners of World Startup Cup Challenge 2016 (Washington DC, 60+ participant countries). Currently, the METAL DEPOT team is working on several other interactive graphic novels with different bands, whose names will be revealed shortly. Meanwhile, "Emissary of the Anunnaki" is on its way and will unleash the heroes of the Sumerian epics into the world of metal.

About Graphic Novel

“Emissary of the Anunnaki: The Tale of the Fire King” is a 128-page metal-themed graphic novel featuring the true story of the iconic black metal band Melechesh - the pioneers of Sumerian Black Thrash Metal. The visual story is based on exclusive interviews with the founder of the band - Ashmedi. Also it includes real episodes from their tours. Intertwining with the dark and grim stories of Sumerian mythology and infusing with lyrics of their songs we get a stunning interactive story of the band. Blending the storytelling genres of dark fantasy, mythology, and documentary, "Emissary of the Anunnaki" promises an engaging journey into the Grim Sumerian Underworld as well a sneak-peek of the mysterious fiery planet of Nibiru. The comic book engages the metalheads to become part of these stories, where they face multiple choices and quizzes, help the characters to overcome difficulties, or dive deeper into the heavy metal band’s story universe and the mythology through the interactive maps, 360 videos, audio-visual archives and a lot more. You can get the graphic novel and special merch in our shop

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